Recurring Orders

Recurring Orders

What is it?

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. provides the opportunity for your dental practice to place orders for items and have them routinely shipped based on your practice product use. This avoids the need to continue to place orders for items.  Sometimes referred to as “auto shipments”, this service allows you to set up shipments on a regular basis without having to worry about preparing an order and sending it to your dealer.

How does it work?

During the initial checkout process you will have the ability to check the box called recurring. This lets the system know it is an item you want to have re-shipped at scheduled times. As you continue the check-out process the system prompts you with the time parameters you want for the shipments. For example, you can set up a monthly recurring order for patient size Listerine Rinses.  Name each of the Recurring Orders to assist you in managing the process.

The Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. website will work directly with your distributor of choice to make sure the items gets shipped on the proper dates. No more worrying about placing orders.

Can I make changes?

If you decide to change a recurring order, no problem. Just go into your Account History, find the appropriate Recurring Order, and make a change. Either change the date, cancel the order, or change the quantity. Update the Recurring Order, and you are all set to go.